Judgement            Turquoise
The TURQUOISE colour is a spiritual colour with a vibration that shows knowledge from the past, a search for truth and what life gives of developments. TURQUOISE also stands for changes, it strives for truth and on that path what is not good for the individual is destroyed. TURQUOISE is also the colour of the stones that the old Egyptians and the North American Indians used to protect themselves against evil. If you are in balance and on the right track in your life-process, the TURQUOISE will help you to find the truth. If you are on the wrong track, it will come as a whirlwind and tell you what is wrong, often in a dramatic way. The TURQUOISE can change the energies such that what does not benefit you, either at work or at home, is removed from you. With TURQUOISE in your aura the changes will come whether you like it or not.
YOU change your moods and your temperament, and what suited you before, does not suit you anymore. You see more clearly what is really right instead of seeing with half-blind eyes.