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Rød Body intelligence tells about a physically strong and down-to-earth person, physical and mental stability, and a very strong stamina.

Oransje Social intelligence tells about an present, socially creative person with a good sense of taste and smell.

Gul Mental intelligence tells about a logical, analytic person, with a great hunger for knowledge.

Grønn Emotional intelligence tells about an emotional, humane person, with a great need to love others.

Blå Communication intelligence tells about a sharp person, with a clear vision, and a talent for leadership.

Indigo Intuition intelligence tells about an intuitive person, with whom fantasy and reality belong to the power of the UNIVERSE.


Visual intelligence tells about a spiritual and creative person, using inspiration-energy to create masterpieces.

The essence of understanding what personal energy is, lies in your understanding of yourself, as an intelligent being. Mankind has arrived at standards of measuring intelligence, based on the basic mental values, i.e. the ability to acquire knowledge from institutional study material.

Our system of COLOUR INTELLIGENCE, builds on 7 different levels of intelligence, where the one form of intelligence is just as important as the 6 others. To illustrate this, we have our visible daylight, consisting of the 7, coloured frequencies that, together, form a coherent WHITE light.

If we leave out one colour frequency, the light is no longer coherent or holistic. This is also true for the human being. We exist, and are nourished by the same principle: the seven colour energies. Man has 7 energy centres in a spectre from RED to VIOLET; that, together, create the same complete energy as light.
But contrary to light, constantly floating, man is more complicated. Man has his own energy and his own free will, regulating the flow of energy. Man is also, via his genes, inheritance, his birth, and his purpose in life, created with a basic energy, which is influential to how he lives.

Without this knowledge and without understanding what this means to their over-all health, people may use years of their life trying to understand their potential.

We wish to change this.

The Happy Man.
To limit the human possibilities is wrong; but it is also wrong to force knowledge and experience on people, and thereby creating a pressure that can not be absorbed by the individual.

Our wish and our goal, is that all people will have an education that will make them able to master what their inborn abilities allow; and be happy with that.

Our present educational system doesn’t do that. Therefore, we have made our own concept of how we believe we can change this.

* Everyone must have an equal chance to an adequate education, corresponding to the energy, talent, or capacity they have.

* We have divided the human, main energies into seven parts; and under these seven forms of intelligence, almost all people will fit into our system of education.

* An education aiming to create knowledge material suiting the pupils own development will also stimulate the pupil’s self-respect.

Who can stand the duress of attending school every day, knowing that they are not able to follow the lectures in certain subjects, without their personal recognition-truth effecting their self-respect?

There are no stupid people, but a stupid system, which, in the name of “education,” force the students into learning systems, where more than half of them are unhappy.

What is the purpose of the school?
If the idea is to teach the pupils reading, writing, and arithmetic during 10 years in basic school, there is a multitude of other ways to do it. The problem with the system of today is that the authorities in the school system have not given themselves time to think differently.

Everyone is supposed to, regardless of intelligence, be pressed into the same pattern of learning. A pattern of learning, where there is no consideration of the pupil’s ability to master a curriculum, which today is not designed for them. This undoubtedly leads to a mobber mentality, that again creating a loser mentality in the schools of today.

After a short time, the pupil will understand where he belongs. And as the parents and the teachers try to get information into the pupil’s brain, the pupil will know, deep inside, that he will neither understand nor wish to understand, or believe that he is going to understand. Simply because this is not the way he understands.

Our brain and our emotional perception of life around us are guided by a strong ego perception.
The way we see and perceive the world, is the way we learn to know the world.

Therefore, it’s the "learned’s" job to provide tools for learning that suits the pupil’s abilities, and not the pupil that should adapt to the “learned’s” methods.

What Can We Do?
Cross boundaries, look at other models, try other systems, create different goals for life quality. We, ourselves, create the world we live in. It is not a result of something else.

Our aim is to make people conscious of their potentials and believe in them. In this way, they can make the most of what they are able to master. And since we have seven choices, there are no people who don’t have a primary-intelligence inside one of the seven COLOUR-INTELLIGENCES.

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