my energy world

Once we were warriors living in this beautiful world trying to find out what and who we were. We were Earth people and lived basically on RED energy, and we conquered the world with RED energy. Today we need another kind of energy if we are going to survive as a human race. We need to use other colours, like the colour INDIGO like you see in the background in order to sense and feel the Universal vibration language. The power that LIFE contains in the Human body is by far the strongest and most powerful energy resource we have on Earth. And we want to introduce you to such energies, because what we learn at school and other higher education platforms have nothing to do with us being raced, trained and developed as humans. Follow us into the world of Colour Energies and you will find out.

Our work within MY ENERGY WORLD is to spread the message of how important it is to learn about the human qualities, when they, in a lager degree, will have influence on how all other education will be perceived and understood, and used for the right purpose. Ordinary school education comes as a second place after personal development. It is you as a person who creates yourself and the world around you. Personal knowledge about WHO YOU ARE, what you can archive and how you use your mind, is a knowledge that is more important than the knowledge acquired at school. One ought to learn the Notion of Colours, what we call THE LANGUAGE OF COLOURS before learning the letters in an ordinary alphabet, because letters that only make words, but do not tell what the words are, they are without any value. Because words have no value if there is not a conscious action behind them.

Only when words have become a notion, and you are that notion, which one can relate to and trust, everything will fall into the right place, and you are living a life on positive energy. Then you are a whole person, as we call those who have peace and love in their mind and power and light in their actions, because they know WHO THEY ARE.